Network Speed. Part 3.

In part 2 I considered how the new kernel and some kernel tcp variables affect network transfer speed. In that analysis I evaluated disks shared over AFP and ran simple file copy from and to the share. Here I compare AFP with NFS.

NFS and SMB vs. AFP. All numbers in MB/s
AFP NFS change vs AFP SMB change vs AFP
Write 57.37 25.02 -90.57% 36.71 -24.00%
Read 63.99 72.99 25.06% 41.50 -28.89%

The Table shows that NFS is significantly faster than AFP when reading from the server. But it is also extremely slow when writing to the server. I cannot figure out why this is happening and I need to run more experiments.

For comparison I also measured the same read/write action while mounting the share via SMB. It is slower than AFP.


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