Monthly Archives: May 2013

AppCode is still a toy. It might be fine for a small Objective C project, but it fails miserably for C++ code. Its inline indexing and code analysis is slow and irresponsive locking down the whole app when presented with a large C++ file. It also gives you a lot of false positive warnings (and often errors) on the code that compiles fine with clang.

I have to say, version 2 is better than version 1, which was a complete disaster. But it is still far from being ready to replace XCode.

It’s kind of a bummer they are writing it in Java. IDEA is/was sort of OK: you are writing Java code in an IDE written in Java. IDEA is a cross-platform, so you better use a cross-platfom language. And, I can see why they are using Java for AppCode — they can reuse a lot of pieces from the other IDEs. But, it is still slower and clunkier than a native app. The interface looks all wrong…